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Tracking open source projects in Linaro

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Linaro is a huge project participating in many open source communities and working on a whole host of improvements for the Linux on ARM space. Monitoring all this good work and ensuring deliverables are on track is the task of a new project which was just rolled out called Status.

Linaro engineering is done in cycles, each of which is six months in length so Status always shows information for the current cycle. There are plans to extend this to show past and future work too.

Technical Requirements, Blueprints, Work Items and Burndown Charts

Status is an evolution from the burndown method of tracking which Ubuntu uses (Ubuntu’s current burndown can be see here) but using a combination of process and code changes, shows more of a requirement focused view. This is because Linaro decided early on to use the notion of Technical Requirements, driving engineering effort from the top down to generate work items to be done. These requirements are gathered before the start of each cycle and the process involves partner discussions, community involvement and public review. This is well documented on the Linaro wiki, suffice to say this process generates a lot of work.

These high level requirements are then broken down into Blueprints and finally into Work Items and Status is there to help make sense of all this.

Status Breakdown

The main Status page shows the progress towards the work done in Linaro and links off to more information on a per-Technical Requirement basis. To get at a more focused breakdown the header toolbar across the top of the Status webpage allows you to view the information per team, per milestone or even per individual. All of these views give you a window in to the work being done during the Linaro Engineering Cycle (currently Linaro 11.05).

Navigating around the site gives you a great sense of achievement. Linaro is undertaking a huge amount of engineering work and with Status, visualising that effort just became a lot easier.

Over the coming months we will be improving Status to incorporate more information but for now, I give you status.linaro.org.

Written by Jamie Bennett

February 14th, 2011 at 3:08 pm

Launchpad, Work Item tracking, and Linaro Landing Teams

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Recently I was asked to give a couple of presentations. One is entitled “Launchpad and Work Item tracking” and is a short introduction to Launchpad and how we track work items, the other is “An overview of Landing Teams within Linaro” which introduces the Landing Team concept and offers insight into what a Landing Team for ARM could initially concentrate on. The slides from both presentations can be found on slideshare.net and are available in many formats on my Linaro wiki page.

Launchpad and Work Item tracking

An overview of Landing Teams within Linaro

Written by Jamie Bennett

August 7th, 2010 at 9:51 pm