Getting back into blogging

Its been a while, in fact it has been around a year since I updated this site (to be fair I did write a few posts on another blog during that period … excuses, excuses) which I attribute to a increasingly busy schedule but more to a lack of enthusiasm. So, in an attempt to get back into this blogging lark I thought it would be a good opportunity to redesign the site with Hugo, a static, but more importantly Markdown-based web engine, and put up a few articles on something dear to my heart, Software Engineering. So expect more development related posts interspersed with running, triathlon, travel, and other randomness as I attept to do this on a semi-regular basis.

Oh, and if you are looking for any of my past entries from 2007 onwards, they will be back up shortly as I figure out how to convert WordPress content to Hugo and still keep some form resemblence to the original post.