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Written by Jamie Bennett onJune 6th, 2010 at10:44 pm in

Jamie is a long time embedded engineer having started out in the consumer gaming industry. After 10 years of developing on embedded entertainment systems a switch to Canonical as a developer in the Ubuntu Mobile team took Jamie on a career path involving his love of Linux.¬†Projects contributed to include Nokia’s Maemo and MeeGo platform, the Linux From Scratch project on their automated build tools, various start-ups with iPhone and Android development and a couple of set-top box vendors.


Whilst at Canonical Jamie helped start up the not-for-profit company Linaro and stayed on as the Linaro Release Manager, ARM Technical Liaison Engineer and finally the Linaro Platform Program Manager. A further move to ARM as the Secure Services Program Manager followed by forming Trustonic, ARM’s joint venture with G&D and Gemalto brings this story up to date.


Jamie is married with two wonderful children and currently lives in Bath, Somerset.


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