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2010: What will the year bring?

Written by JamieBennett on December 26th, 2009 at 9:38 pm in Uncategorized

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As is tradition each year I post my new years resolutions, mainly to shame myself into at least attempting them. So hear is this years.

I usually have many new years resolutions which tend to fade away come February but this year is an important year. Its 10 years since I moved away from the city I grew up in, Its 10 years since I started my professional career (officially). It also has many other milestones, both public and private but for arguments sake, lets say I just want 2010 to be a great year.

To that end, just some of my new years resolutions are below.

  • Environmental
      Recycle more. We actively recycle as much as we can at home, or I should rephrase that, we recycle as much as is currently collected. Our council don’t collect certain items that could be recycled and we tend not to make the effort to get these said items recycled either. We should collect these and make sure they are recycled.
      Expand our space. Somewhat in contrast to the above is my family either need to move house or expand the one we are in. Currently we are four persons living in a smallish three bedroomed house. We will either move house or extend the one we are in, which ever is environmentally and financially sound.
  • Technical
      Lead an open source project I’m proud of. It been a while since I had a major project that I was ‘leading’. What I mean by leading is ‘lead developer’, ‘founder’, ‘steering force’. I’ve concentrated in making improvements in existing projects for so long that I’ve forgotten what its like to create one. This year I hope to make a difference with an open source project that is born from my own grey matter.
      Become a MOTU. Something that means a lot to me is becoming a MOTU. I’ve always been an active contributor to open source software and kind of prided myself in being a free-software hitman. I’ve flitted between projects, fixing problems, adding functionality, and moving on when projects seem to increase momentum under their own steam. But one thing that has been consistent since Warty, has been my use of Ubuntu as my operating system of choice. I’ve often looked at the MOTU program and thought I should make strides to become a MOTU but I’ve always had some other excuse. This year I will become a MOTU.
      Be a game changer. Contribute to a ‘game-changing’ project. This is on the wish-list, not only for me but for my employer, Canonical. In modern times the iPod was game-changing, as was Google’s emergence from search engine to software giant. This year I want to be right there contributing to something I can talk about with members of the family that are ‘too old to understand computers’ but will of heard of it none-the-less.
  • Physical and spiritual goals:
      Explore religion. Lets get this straight, I’m pretty religion-neutral, mainly due to my scientific background. I see lots of merit in people believing in ‘something’ and the power that brings but every religions rules, scriptures and tales seem to fall down when science is applied to it. One religion that I personally feel has more merit that others is Buddhism. This coming 12 months I will devote time to learning more than I know now about this belief with the hope of bringing something of it into my life.
      Be healthy. My diet is pretty ad-hoc. Sometimes its extremely healthy with many portions of fresh fruit and vegetables, sometimes its random items from the heart-attack list of shame. My goal this coming year is to have a consistently ‘good’ diet. No extremes, no highs, no lows, just a healthy and balanced diet.
      Be alcohol free. This is a hard one. I’ve been a very active sports fanatic for sometime, 6 years of rugby union, getting seriously into weight training for many years, running 500+ miles a year but 3 years ago I really busted my shoulder up bad on a cold and rainy afternoon playing rugby. With no chance of training at all for 12 months and doctors advice to never play rugby again I slipped into the habit of ‘a few beers’. A ‘few beers’ with mates down the pub, a ‘few beers’ watching a film at home, its all taken its toll. I’m still going to the gym semi-regular now that my shoulder is somewhat better but my waist-line has expanded and I seem to have picked up a bad habit in the process. My goal is to go 12 months alcohol free, which is an extremely lofty goal given today’s society, perhaps the hardest of all my new years resolutions. Alcohol seems to have slipped under the radar of what is acceptable in today’s society making it seem ‘abnormal’ not to drink but I’m not one for conforming and I like a challenge.

There are many more resolutions but the ones above are a good sub-section of what I want 2010 to bring. I hope my 2010 happens and I wish you all the success that I’m hoping for too.

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  1. Great list – good luck with it all!


    28 Dec 09 at 6:07 pm

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