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Graphs with CurrentCost and RRDTool

Written by Jamie Bennett on December 17th, 2008 at 8:59 am in Uncategorized

To carry on my initial education with the CurrentCost unit, last night I played around a little with RRDTool using Paul Mutton’s tutorial. I must say I’m pretty impressed with the outcome.

Last nights power consumption

The output above is from last night, starting around 19:50 and ending around 06:45 this morning. The peeks at the start of the graph are the dishwasher, the sustained 500w or so afterward are the XBox 360 being used to stream video from my Linux box.

The peaks early morning are the rumblings of the family, using the toaster and kettle and generally going about our morning routine. The only unexplained part of the graph is the increased usage around 23:00 until around 03:00. My only guess is that its the laptop charging the battery and at around 03:00 is was full?

At rest, the house with laptop, CurrentCost meter, fridge freezer and small night light for the kids, sits at around 65w.

The next step is to interface the CurrentCost meter with a spare Beagle Board I have sitting idle. The Beagle Board draws just 2 watts so it seems like the perfect partner for this experiment.

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