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The HSPA modem work has arrived

Written by Jamie Bennett on October 3rd, 2008 at 12:36 pm in Uncategorized

For those people who don’t follow the linux-omap mailing list, a nice set of patches that begin to enable the HSPA modem of the new Nokia tablets, has just landed. These patches have yet to be reviewed but from a quick scan, they look in pretty good shape. They have been posted to the main kernel mailing list as well but as of this time, no comments have been made.

I wish the developers at Nokia would be more vocal about the development process, especially as there is a lot of anticipation for the Maemo 5 platform. I guess until we have them all blogging somewhere we will just have to piece together the parts of the puzzle ourselves.

Nokia’s Carlos Chinea has announced:

Hi guys !

I'm working on adding support for Nokia HSPA modems to OMAP.

Please consider integrating the following patch set into the
linux-omap tree. The patch set implements a generic device driver
for the OMAP Synchronous Serial Interface.

The Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) is a high speed communication
interface that is used for connecting OMAP to a cellular modem engine.

The patch set is based on linux-omap 2.6.27-rc7.

Any comments will be appreciated.


The patch set is quite large as it implements new functionality but it is a indication that the modem work is at a healthy stage. Lets hope we see it as part of the SDK come November’ish time.

A link to the original message can be found here</a.

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