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Maemo Summit Lightning Sessions – Part 1

Written by Jamie Bennett on October 7th, 2008 at 8:52 pm in Uncategorized

Part 1 of the Maemo Summit lightning sessions has now been uploaded. Below you will find the first 7 videos, the others should come in the next day or two.

Debian in a chroot on the tablet – Alan Bruce (qole)

Developing Multilingual Multimodal Applications in Maemo – Nikos Tsourakis

Reality or Vision? The Nokia tablets for mobile and desktop use- Uwe Koch

Screencasting: x11vnc and pyvnc2swf – Eric Warnke

Maemo User Interface Issues Overview – Tim Samoff

ESBox and Pluthon Eclipse plugins – Andrea Grandi

Elisator for cow’s health analisys – Manrique Lopez


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