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Laptop Fail!

Written by Jamie Bennett on September 9th, 2008 at 1:33 pm in Uncategorized

My Dell XPS M1330 get’s hot, and when I say hot I mean that it’s too hot to touch the underneath sometimes. As you may of guessed, it has a defective Nvidia GPU and the recommended course of action is to reflash the bios for a temporary fix.

So, last night I decided that I’d burnt my hands too many times on the laptop casing and that is was time to do what Dell recommended. A quick download later I had the A12 bios ready to install. Once flashed I was given the ‘time to reboot now’ (to paraphrase) message so I did, only the laptop didn’t come back to life.

A lengthy call to Dells technical support line resulted in an engineer visit planned for tomorrow to replace the motherboard. Lets hope its all fixed for the Maemo summit next week or things will be a whole lot more painful to say the least.

EDIT: Dell repair guy fixed it!! Yeah. Took him 30 minutes or so to swap out the motherboard for a new one (with the latest bios) and now I’m back up and running.

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