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A much more open Nokia?

Written by Jamie Bennett on September 18th, 2008 at 10:04 am in Uncategorized

The Maemo developer session at OSiM 2008 served to show Nokia’s stance on the future of openness on the internet tablets. They have signalled their intentions by today open sourcing many components that were once closed including the wifi and low level hardware monitoring drivers.

Nokia often quote the 80%/20% line; “In Diablo, 80% of the platform is currently open”. Looking forward to Fremantle, this percentage is set to increase much more. Where closed applications were used, there is an increasing desire to use more open versions. Among the highlights are:

  • Meta data logging is set to be done by the open source Meta Tracker
  • Sound will be handled by Pulse Audio
  • uPnP will be handled gUPnP

    More is planned, watch this space.

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