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Selling beer to the kids

Written by Jamie Bennett on August 8th, 2008 at 8:31 pm in Uncategorized

I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours today to go to see the dark knight. Great film and I loved it. Forget what the pundits say about it being too long, its just right. Heath Ledger completely steals the show and Batman is a bystander in the whole movie but that’s another post.

My complaint is what the hell is going on with the advertising industry? The film is rated 12A and out of the 8 pre-roll advertisements (not the adverts for up coming films) 4 of them were for alcohol. There was an advert on Fosters, one on another lager (escapes me now), a very good advert on bubbles for Kronenberg and one on Jack Daniels).

This is a 12A! These companies must realise that some of their audience is under the legal drinking age and with the ‘A’ it means that children younger still could be watching. I know in reality that these guys (and gals) don’t care as long as the bottom line is profitable but for gods sake, this is pretty underhanded.

I know my morals have changed a hell of a lot since becoming a father (6 years ago) but this really is common sense. 12A means 12 year old’s could and probably will be viewing this film, don’t advertise drugs to them as they sit and eat their popcorn in anticipation of the film.

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