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'Roll-Away' keyboard

Written by Jamie Bennett on July 10th, 2008 at 7:32 pm in Uncategorized

A few times now on the N800 I have found myself wanting to do something more than finger type with the on screen keyboard (OSK). Usually I can type quite fast with it but when you are doing complicated character, symbol and number input it can be a royal pain in the (you can guess the rest). So my solution?

I went and ordered a ‘roll away’ keyboard from ebuyer.com (direct link here). It’s a £4.99 lightweight and ultra-slim silicone keyboard which looked great for my travelling needs.

The nexos keyboard looks great but practically, in use, it’s pretty dire. I find myself hammering the keys because if you don’t, it doesn’t register the presses. It’s slow to type on and I’m pretty sure that my words per minute is better with the OSK than with the nexos. Shame really as I though this could be the answer to a more useful tablet for me.

To balance the argument, my logitech hard (as in not silicone) usb keyboard works a treat although its a little less portable.

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