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Linux Boot Camp – Day 2

Written by Jamie Bennett on July 1st, 2008 at 6:52 pm in Uncategorized

Day two is now over.

Much the same as yesterday, hands on sessions a little two ‘noddyish’ for me but the talks were fantastic.

My favourite from today was given by a representative of a local company.

The said company deal with manufactures who have a great product in mind, some hardware but maybe Linux doesn’t run on it yet. They are responsible for porting the Linux kernel (or uclinux) and related tools such as busybox, uboot, gcc e.t.c to the new platform whilst still keeping their sanity.

In this talk a real world example was given on how the company dealt with a current customer. This customer wanted Linux on a new chip produced by National Semiconductor for their VOIP solution.

Fascinating stuff including problems they had with gcc, architectural mistakes they made (not allocating enough stack space, memory corruption e.t.c) and honest and frank details on the whole process. All was articulated well with a lot of enthusiasm.

Tomorrow entails a wrap-up session and another talk, this time on networking in weird and wonderful (and sometimes crazy) situations. Looking forward to it.

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