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Linux Boot Camp – Day 1

Written by Jamie Bennett on June 30th, 2008 at 8:23 pm in Uncategorized

So day one of Linux Boot Camp is over. On reflection, day one was a mixed bag. The hands on sessions seem to set the bar too low and I would of liked to have seen at least a ‘good to very good’ knowledge of Linux being the minimum standard. I was racing ahead on much of the material and getting a little bored with some of the other discussions.

On a more positive note, a talk on code optimisation at both the compiler level and the hardware level, using new Intel processors as an example, was fascinating. The advanced theories behind pipe-lining and intricacies that arise for scheduling instructions over multiple processors, cores, and even individual instruction pipes gave me a new found respect for the guys and gals who have to rack their brains daily to come up with greater and greater CPU optimisations. The Itanium2 optimisation of the for loop (or iteration loop) was a great example of some recent innovation but its a shame that this feature is unlikely to see the light of day in the next batch of processors.

A talk on ‘Linux on the PS3′ was postponed due to a transportation issue as far as I could tell which was a little disappointing as I was really looking forward to this one. Hopefully it will be rearranged for tomorrow or Wednesday.

Overall its an OK start and I look forward to more ‘geeky’ topics over the next couple of days.

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