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Dr. Ari Jaaki’s talk at OSiM

Written by Jamie Bennett on March 19th, 2008 at 8:20 am in Uncategorized

A couple of days ago Dr Ari Jaaki gave a talk on “What Mobile Users Need and How Open Source Can Help” at the Open Source in Mobile (OSiM) conference, San Francisco. In the talk Ari covers Nokia’s stance when it comes to open source and how they are ‘learning from their mistakes’. I was impressed by Ari’s honesty when he pointed out Nokia’s shortfalls in the open source community and the fact that they are trying to improve.

The talk can be heard on btpodshow.com. Its light on details but does skim over the higher level stuff quite well.

The reaction to this talk does highlight a few key points. Nokia started off on this 3 year journey (so far) with a different methodology to the one they have today. I think their past mistakes have forced them to re-evaluate their stance with the open source community but even now they are still doing things that really nark the community as a whole. Their continued stance on Ogg support on the web is worrying and even recently some code that were once open has being made closed source. Clearly Nokia still has some way to go.

Nokia is heading in the right direction, lets hope they continue.

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