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Call of Duty 4

Written by Jamie Bennett on March 2nd, 2008 at 8:38 pm in Uncategorized

WOW, what a game. The production value is amazing with Call of Duty 4. The attention to detail and overall atmosphere of the game is second to none so whats the problem? Well, the problem is, its far too short!

After less than 7 hours play I had got to the end, absolutely amazed by the game but in contrast stunned by the abrupt end. Now I maybe unique here and ‘want my COD cake and eat it’ but the game was so good, so imersive, so .. you get the idea but it left me with a sour taste to see it end so soon. It does in fact bring up an interesting question, “How long do you expect a good game to entertain you?”. I for one would answer this ambiguous question with 20 to 30 hours but today’s games, especially FPS or First Person Shooters, struggle to hit the 10 hour mark. Whats your thoughts?

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