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1-Wire Gadgets

Written by Jamie Bennett on February 28th, 2008 at 12:11 pm in Uncategorized

The missing piece of my 1-wire adventures arrived today, a usb to rj11 adapter. A very speedy delivery from <a href="http://www.homecip.comhomechip.com meant that I had the adapter in less than 2 days. This device allows my DS1402D Blue Dot Receptor to connect to the pc where I can read the ibuttons. I currently have 8 ibuttons; 2 real time clocks, 2 with 64kb NV ram, 2 just identity, and 2 temperature thermochrons.

Above you can see the output of OneWireViewer (downloadable from the maxim site) when a thermochron ibutton is read. There’s lots of potential with the ibutton stuff and I hope to have more of a play with the thermochron’s and the rest of the ibuttons soon.

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