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GPE-Cal to Windows Mobile Smart Phone

Written by Jamie Bennett on January 15th, 2008 at 7:00 pm in Uncategorized

If like me you are unfortunate enough to have to work with Microsoft Outlook and a Windows based mobile smart phone for work, then syncing with GPE-Cal on a Nokia Internet Tablet seems like a tall order. In fact its not that difficult; you just need to know how to ‘glue’ the bits together.

First off the easy part. Thanks to David Hautbois and his excellent Erminig maemo program for the Internet Tablets you can sync GPE-Cal with Google calendar. From here you need some way of syncing Google calendar with Outlook. For this another bit of programming glue is needed.

GSyncit by David Levinson is a small windows based program which installs itself into Outlooks toolbar and enables you to sync Google calendar with Outlook. The free version has a nag screen and allows you to sync one calendar but the full version only costs $9.99 and is well worth it if you need this functionality.

From there Microsoft’s active sync takes over and sync’s with the mobile smart phone.

Quite a long way around but in the end you have the holy grail of calendar synchronization.

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