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OS2008; Your Thoughts?

Written by Jamie Bennett on December 29th, 2007 at 6:46 pm in Uncategorized

I’ve been using OS2008 final since launch day (via a torrent see (http://linuxuk.blogspot.com/2007/12/os2008-ssllllooooowwww-downloads.html)) and I must admit I’m pretty happy with it. The problem is that there seems to be a ‘vista like’ outcry at the moment with various people complaining about one thing or another but personally I think that this is a massive step forward for the Nokia and Maemo team.

Since owning the 770 and the n800 with OS2007, I’ve found the device to be in the cool but ultimately fringe market where only the geek or cash endowed would want to buy it. The 770 was very ‘raw’ and ‘unfinished’; OS2007 had nice hardware but again, the software was lacking. OS2008 brings with it a new dimension to the whole internet tablet range. Sure, its still lacking certain features that I personally feel would make this a killer device but it sure is close.

In a couple of days I will give my honest assessment of OS2008 with a few caveats, a) I’m no Nokia or Maemo fanboy (or any other company/device fanboy come to think about it), and b) I really, really feel the future of personal information access and management will be based around the internet and any device that makes this more accessible.

If I was a betting man (and in my line of work I should be!) I’d bet on a convergence of mobile phones/internet tablets in 2008; Nokia at the moment has both but no single device (that I’ve been fortunate to be told about at least).

Let me know your thoughts on OS2008 via the comments or email link and I’ll try to get my bugzilla/developer/’pain in the bottom hat’ on to get them fixed or if its praise, I’ll direct it to the right people :)

You may of noticed that I have no comment on the n810. That is because I missed out on the developer program but hopefully some kind sole will lend me theirs for a review soon stick around.

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