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Chumby on the N800

Written by Jamie Bennett on December 17th, 2007 at 11:55 am in Uncategorized

Now this goes down as a ‘cool’ if not very useful hack.

The chumby is a small, Linux powered device that is billed as “Your personal Internet player”. It can show various forms of information from the Internet such as the weather, new feeds, Flickr photo’s, Facebook accounts and even plays MP3′s from an iPod. The unfortunate thing is that this device is pretty limited when you want to do anything other than display things. This would be OK if the device was so cheap that it was in the ‘throw-away money’ bracket but it actually costs $179.95 and for around that price, you can get something a whole lot more powerful that will do a much more (anyone say n800?). But if you really must have the chumby experience, it turns out its pretty easy to emulate on the n800 (and probably the 770 with a flash player hack). Some clever folks over on Internet Tablet Talk forums figured it out and below is a first attempt.

The Chumby ‘widgets’ may have potential as future information gateways for the Nokia based devices but it seems that, at the moment, this is just a fun hack. On the other hand this may spur some developer(s) on to make Nokia based versions of these widgets that could be a lot more functional. We will just have to wait and see.

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