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MCEGuru initial thoughts

Written by Jamie Bennett on July 18th, 2007 at 7:42 pm in Uncategorized

At home I have a Microsoft Vista Media Center PC purely because I haven’t had the time or sadistic inclination to install and configure mythtv yet but rest assured I will do at some point relatively soon. Anyway, I stumbled apon a great looking Nokia 770 app called MCEGuru that is a front end for media center. It looks fantastic, enough so to get me to install and play with it. So after having it installed for the last hour, what do I think?

Well, the interface is very slick and on the surface it looks like a killer app. Unfortunately, and this is where the alpha version tag is most appropriate, its buggy as hell and a pig to use. I’m sure that when all the bugs are ironed out this is going to be a must have app for all media center and 770 owners but for now, its just a distant dream but a promising one at that.

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